Welcome to my world of art 


My name is Agnieszka

and I am a self-taught artist,

living in Ireland since 2005.


I have experience in various areas of the arts including photography, theatre, music, drawing and painting.


Drawing and painting were part of my life as far as I remember.

Through all those years in my life, I have been painting mostly abstracts, people, animals, landscapes,   and underwater life.


After many life experiences and different

road crossword I decided to come back to my path

and life with my passion.

Mostly focus on inspirations painting, animals, portraits and horse paintings which I beloved since I was a child.



I am doing paintings commission.

Portraits, memories, other.

Simply - email me a photo on


+353 858 100 300



Please make sure that :


* picture you will email me is jpeg. file and high resolution

* pictures are clear with good lighting and details that I could see the features of the face or subject.


Better photo- better results.


The frame is made a special for you, price depends on the type and size of the frame


It will take up to 5 days ( or more, depends on request )

to complete drawing or painting.

I will send it to you, deliver if you are local or you can collect from me, depending on where you based.


Please contact about the details.


Every commission is special to me !                                  







Note that price is based on the photograph and details included in portrait, size, media, frame.

@ Dear Agnieszka,
We received the painting today. It arrived in perfect condition. Great wrapping!! I must say the painting is even more beautiful in real life. I knew it would be. My wife is over the moon! She cried when she opened the package. She touched the nose and said,” He’s looking at me, he loves me! I love him. I have to name him.” You brought emotions to a blank canvas. Thank you! I have attached a photo. It has been a pleasure working with you. If we are in Ireland, we will look up your studio.

Thanks again
Brad @

 "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder".